[enhancement] appears in the following plans

while browsing through the workout library I might find a workout that I’d like to try so I can add it to my calendar. but since I’m not a coach it would be a nice feature to know which plan(s) the wotkout appears in so that I can do it in the correct context.

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That would be hard to implement since there are a lot of permutations to the plans.

For my money, I’d like to see your other suggestion (the metadata search) implemented like they did in the old SUF app. There was a fair amount of work that had gone into adding in the description, if you liked this ride, then you might also like that ride etc.

In SUF at the end of the description of 14 Vise Grips it says:

Love this workout? Here are other sessions with a similar training effect:
The Downward Spiral

I’d love to see a LOT more of that.


I am honestly not interested in the implementation details - I do not know anything about the datamodel in use - that being said: it is exactly a question of how to model the data and how it is retrieved into the app.
and yes you are right the feature that you are mentioning is also neat.


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About the best you can do is work backward using the filters. E.g. if you’re in a plan that has a racing day and you choose race filter then further choose based on emphasis such as map or sustained and see what other options come up. There are so many options now , unless you’ve been on the app a long time, like some of us old goats, you can mos some good content

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True, and an excellent point. The filter is there and does a GvA darn good job at what it does. That said, I’d still like to see it spelled out like it was when reading the vid description :slight_smile:

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No doubt -and if you are in a training plan that usually emphasizes that same needs you can miss some good rides . Though unlike some, I like to repeat workouts so I know what’s coming and pace them better .