AWW Neal Henderson: The Office Commute

Did this today and really enjoyed it. Nice matching of the power profile to the ride adds to the engagement (although I am impressed at how @Coach.Neal.H puts out power even when he’s freewheeling :wink:). A Rapha coffee shop could result in some expensive coffees though …

Bug when saving - added from Library as N Henderson 3: The Office Commute but saved as a “different” workout N Henderson: The Office Commute adding a new workout to my calendar (or was it the other way around - duplicate anyway).

Did you go to a different page and then come back? Or close and reopen the app? That usually resolves it within a minute or two.

Just immediately deleted the one I didn’t need. I know that there’ve been problems with some plans when the workout text didn’t exactly match the Library text hence the alert as a bug.

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Did this one and enjoyed the low intensity as only getting back into indoor training this week. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Two niggles on the video due to my ocd-ness:

1 - the front light magically swaps sides from the first half to the second half.:thinking:

2 - the bolt computer is not central to the stem. :crazy_face:

It’s only me but it would bug me. :yum:


I enjoyed this ride too. I’m recovering from a cold, so was a nice easy session to get back into it. Looks like a great commute too!

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