Back at it

About 7 Weeks out post Achilles surgery. Got the green light to start easy spinning and being in a walking boot for about an hour or so a day for the next week. Then full time walking boot next week for another 2 weeks, with some little time in a full cushioned running shoe. After week 4, full time in full cushioned running shoe. Then PT. There is a big bump of scar tissue that has come back since the stitches came out almost a month ago. Not happy with it, and am massaging it fairly hard 3x/day. Any other hints to break this up? Deep tissue massaging soleus muscle, etc. and compression socks going on daily now too. TIA for any suggestions! Photo 1 - Aug 17th. Photo 2 - Sept 10th. Photo 3 - Oct 3rd.


Hey Bruce,
Good luck with your recovery and I hope you will get back into the saddle and enjoy your rides soon!

Sorry I have no helpful tips for you. I can only try to send you some positive thoughts from the other side of the world.

Aww, man, these pictures...

…make my legs and feet hurt only looking at it.

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Thank you Pierre! At least I am easy spinning on the stationary trainer, which is helping my headspace quite a bit. Your good thoughts and wishes are appreciated and make a difference.