Bar tape recommendations

I’m looking to change the bar tape on my Kickr bike to something more comfortable… wondering what recommendations the community may have for the replacement.

Specialized Roubaix tape is very comfortable.


I removed the bar tape from my trainer bike and sling a towel over the bars instead. its softer, more comfortable, catches all the holy water and after a workout I can sling it in the washing machine.


Lizard skin


@JGreengrass i think you have the best answer. I have ESI RCT wrap on my bars now, as I love their mountain grips. This stuff is non-porous and washable, but removing the tape altogether on a dedicated trainer bike makes a lot of sense. My holy water manages to get all up in there, and the bi-monthly chore of cleaning that out isn’t super awesome and fun. Next time I pull the tape off, I’ll have a go with the towel!

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I swear by Supacaz cushy bartape. It’s super comfortable, I have it on my gravel bike too

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I love that tape! Although

Not cheap, but I put this on last fall and have been really pleased:

I second that, Supracaz bar tape on all my bikes, and the kickr bike!
Very comfortable, good grip and easy to apply.
And they got nice caps with it.

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Yeah the caps are darn good. Proper expanding screw in ones that NEVER fall out. And they look the shizzle

+1 on the Supacaz cush !!!