Grip tape

Hey crew.

Looking for some input from all the floggers out there. I have a kickr bike (love it and look forward to Systm taking more advantage of the bike), and I changed out by bar tape. The replacement tape (sigh, cheap Amazon purchase) was horrible!!!

What does the community suggest?


Depends what you like. My go to is Supacaz. It’s cushy and tacky. But not everyone like tacky tape.



I just dug some old cork tape out of my odds ‘n ends bin and wrapped it over the existing tape. Worked for me.

not sure where you are, but i’m a lizard skins fan. multiple thicknesses, all grippy. lasts a long time.


I’ve always been a fan of the classic Cinelli Cork tape.

Park Tools have a useful video here:
Park Tools Hadlebar Wrapping


Thanks all.

Lizards for me based on the texture compare at my lbs

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Lizard Skins is my go to bar tape as well. Thickness depends on the bike.

I’ll second the Lizard Skins recommendation

No bar tape on my trainer bike, I just drape a towel over the bars. Towel gets washed after every session, bar gets wiped down and I don’t have to worry about my bars corroding away hidden under the tape failing catastrophically.

I’m using this right now Really bling tape (and it is EXPENSIVE). Used LizardSkins and shredded it in under a month. It does react well to pressure when you want to ride on the corners.

I paid NZ$45 (halve that for USD) for my Supacaz carbon bling tape. I think it’s good value but lots of other bartape prices are quite elevated here given the price of shipping. Its done 3,000km and still looks mint!


Love it!

There is a Tasmanian company called Burgh. Best bar tape I’ve ever used. Not as tacky as supercaz and lasts ages. Also looks great.

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Burgh Tape, very nice. I have some waiting to go on my alley cat SS once I finish the build

I have a box of Supacaz that I plan to put on when I finally get around to it. It’s been sitting on the floor by my desk for a couple months, now…

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I just use the cheapest black tape I can find (with sticking back)

I’ve used the Lizzard skin before but it isn’t better than the cheap Pro tape I use now or the cheap Decathlon tape I used before.

Yea. I tried some cheap stuff that I got off of Amazon but it just absorbed odour and became horrible smelling. Ugh

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I don’t know what’s on my bike right now. It’s been on for a couple years. It’s soft. I brought my bike in to the LBS get the shifter covers replaced and ended up just buying a maintenance package and let them put whatever grip tape they wanted. I just picked out the color. lol.

But thanks to the pandemic I haven’t been back to the LBS, so I had to actually pick out the bar tape myself on Amazon.

My sweat doesn’t smell that bad :wink:

The Fizik tape that came standard on the Neobike doesn’t absorb any sweat, maybe that would be a good pick for you.