Basic RGT question

I have been using RGT for a few months but only on Magic Roads - Quick Rides. There is a local group that does a Tuesday night ride which I would like to join. Having never done a group event on RGT I don’t know what the ride details mean.

*Drafting: on - seems pretty self explanatory assuming it is not different that the rides I have been doing.

*Collision braking: on - what does this mean in the context of the app and this ride?

*Elimination mode: on - no clue what this is?

*Allow Virtual Power: on - what does this mean in the context of the app and this ride?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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First time using RGT for me today and I quite enjoyed it. I’m also looking at some of the group rides / races and had the same queries. From a bit of Googling I managed to find the following on Wahoo RGT support and a RGT Blog

Automated braking will occur to avoid colliding with riders in front of you. You’ll see your power value turn red, indicating braking. You can overcome this by pushing significantly higher power numbers than the rider in front of you - or by approaching them at a significantly higher speed.


  1. Elimination happens at the finish line or when a rider is lapped by the leader (overtaken with one lap)
  2. In Normal Laps and Positioning Laps, any number of riders can be eliminated by being lapped
  3. In an Elimination Lap, any number of users can be eliminated by being lapped
  4. if the number of eliminated users during the lap is larger than the chosen setting for “Riders eliminated per lap”, then no riders will be eliminated at the finish line
  5. if the number of eliminated users during the lap is smaller than the chosen setting for "Riders eliminated per lap”, then the difference between that setting and the lapped riders, will be eliminated at the finish line
  6. The race ends when it’s not possible to eliminate the chosen number of Eliminated Users per lap. The remaining riders enter the Final Lap, where they race each other for the finish. The order in which they cross the finish line, is that group’s final ranking. Regardless of configured params, if only 3 riders are left, the next lap is a Final Lap.
  7. Ranking is determined as such: first rider eliminated is last in ranking, second rider eliminated is second from the end. Continues until 3 (or more, depending on your selection, see #4 above) riders remain in the Final Lap. This last lap is just as a normal race. These riders are added to the ranking in 1st, 2nd position and 3rd position.
  8. For the eliminated rider, Elimination means they are stopped on the side of the road. They are able to switch between “finish line view” and a view following the group by tapping the appropriate button in the Mobile App.

Speed Sensors and Virtual Power

A Quick Overview of RGT V-Power

  • The V-Power feature allows users without a source of power such as a Power Meter or a Smart Trainer to connect to RGT and take a ride
  • RGT Cycling takes the speed of your rear wheel and the resistance details of your trainer or rollers to estimate your power
  • The power data provides a consistent data point that can be used to create appropriate training zones
  • The power data provided is not considered accurate enough to participate in races. It is also open to abuse

What Do I Need?

  • You will need an ANT+ enabled Speed Sensor
  • You will need an ANT+ Dongle connected to your Screen device
  • Because this is currently ANT+ only (at the moment) this is only supported for PC and Mac

@Dafydd thanks for this. At Least I know what to expect. Much appreciated.

If you’re wanting to ride a Magic Road, I’d always recommend just creating a race for it (on this page), instead of using the quick ride. That way you can set the number and power distribution of bots, the number of laps (if you’re using a lapped course), Magic Road style (Classic / Spring in Europe), plus if you want it as a mass start or TT etc… It only takes a minute.

I believe that’s usually turned on for most group rides, but turned off for most races.