Best Bike Split fail


I’ve been trying to use BBS on my Wahoo Bolt for race pacing, but every test fails.
On the BBS support page, there’s a manual. I followed it step by step, was able to select the BBS race course on my WAHOO Elemnt Bolt. But when I started riding, both “Target Speed” and “Target Power” showed a dissapointing “N/A”.
I honestly don’t know where it went wrong.

(FYI the language I use on my WAHOO is dutch, so I tried with “doelvermogen”, “Doel Vermogen” and “Doel snelheid”… All with the same n/a as a result)

Any help please?

I’m not if much help here, but thank you for asking first. I have a ROAM V2 and exactly the same problem.