Best Bike Split fail


I’ve been trying to use BBS on my Wahoo Bolt for race pacing, but every test fails.
On the BBS support page, there’s a manual. I followed it step by step, was able to select the BBS race course on my WAHOO Elemnt Bolt. But when I started riding, both “Target Speed” and “Target Power” showed a dissapointing “N/A”.
I honestly don’t know where it went wrong.

(FYI the language I use on my WAHOO is dutch, so I tried with “doelvermogen”, “Doel Vermogen” and “Doel snelheid”… All with the same n/a as a result)

Any help please?


I’m not if much help here, but thank you for asking first. I have a ROAM V2 and exactly the same problem.

Anyone who got that working? Support suggested deauthorising and reauthorising BBS in the Companion App. But that didn’t do anything. The races are synchronised to my ROAM V2, yet both target fields stay at N/A

For anyone following along and doesn’t know what Best Bike Split is (I didn’t when this first popped up in March)…

Alas, I am no help. Was quite surprised to see anything that can (maybe :thinking:) integrate with Wahoo bike computers like this. I figured that was more of a Garmin-only thing since they allow Connect IQ apps.

Thanks for enriching this thread. I’m currently running a support case that got upgraded down to the developers to have it fixed.

What I noticed though is, that at least on the BBS website it looks like the power changes should be navigation cues as well which they are not on my device when I sync from BBS. They (BBS) seem to have some sort of power tcx file available for download though.

I’ll download one this afternoon and have a look if that might be a solution. If that includes power targets I’ll try this on friday on my roam v2

Having the same problem on a Wahoo Element Bolt v2. Already had it last year during the one month I used BBS.
What helps as a workaround for me is downloading the Garmin power course file and dropping it in the ELEMNT app. Gives you no target power and speed but at least the cue points with power, so you get some clue on the power to go with.

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