Best plans to train for climbing

I have a personal goal for next year to attack my PR on a local climb. It’s 5.2mi/2036ft (7.3%) and my current PR is ~45 minutes. Right now my 4DP is 723/363/253/195 and I’m wondering what plan I should use. In particular, shall I focus on MAP or FTP?

Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

From a plan point of view - you can’t go wrong with ‘General Fitness’, ‘All Purpose’ in my view (though there are others to choose from). And just pick the number of hours you have available.

The plan will tailor itself to your 4DP - in your case your 4DP looks balanced between the 4 areas, so I’d expect the plan will be throwing you a good mix of things to build you up every way ! For example, A Very Dark Place to hit your MAP. And hitting your MAP helps lift your FTP, I’d be surprised if you didn’t see some long sessions like ISLAGIATT, and of course you might end up with AC/NM stuff in there like Violator. All aspects being trained up will help your overall 45 minute climb target

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There used to be a “Volcano” training plan in The Sufferfest that seems to now be missing. I guess a feature request to get this and a couple of those other speciality plans added back?

If you use the old Sufferfest Web App you can still get to the old plans. You can then apply one of those plans and it will show up on SYSTM next time you log in.