Best SUF/SYSTM plans for bike trip?

I’m looking for the best plan to train for my first bike trip coming up in early April. My wife and I ride a tandem together during the outdoor season, usually 2-3 rides a week. This will be the first time we’ve ridden 35-50 miles daily for a week. We’re very excited for it, but very aware we need to be bike-ready for it!

Since it’s 3 months out, now is probably the time to be thinking about making sure I’m ready. I’m starting the last chunk of my All-Purpose plan w/ strength & yoga this wk (finish end of Jan), but would be willing to switch if necessary to target early April.

Any suggestions? Metric Century prep? Building blocks? Others? Thanks in advance!!

From my limited experience with bike trips I’ve learnt that saddle time beforehand is pretty crucial. Setting off on a three week trip with hardly any training was pretty tough the first couple of days…

The other thing I’ve learnt is that climbing strength is convenient so that hills don’t completely knock you out for the rest of the day.

On that basis, I’d expect any training plan will give you sufficient training. Your all purpose with yoga and strength sound very sensible.

Now there’s the ToS coming up, with a dedicated training plan. Perhaps you can copy some good ideas of that? It is aimed at a week of hard work.


From my own experience - ‘saddle time’ is almost the most important thing. (and a good bike fit to go with it) . If you’re expecting hills then be ready for them (lower gears than you might imagine) and on a tandem this would be especially true. If you’re prepared to take your time nothing is impossible!


@mdmnd9294 - Stoked on this awesome adventure you are preparing for! The All-Purpose plan w/ strength and yoga is an excellent starting point. I would ‘ride that plan out’ and upon completion progress to either Metric Century, Century, or Mountainous Fondo, and would suggest continuing to progress with the SYSTM Strength and Yoga. I would also put in a plug for the Mental Training. It’s just a few extra minutes a week. Exercising and sharpening the mind can make all the difference.

Happy Training!

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