Adding Volume to Existing Plans

Hey everyone,

I am currently doing the high volume XC MTB plan, however, I have reached the point where the weekly training stress is only just high enough to either maintain or slightly increase my fitness (using

Therefore, I am planning on adding volume manually within Systm, and I was wondering what the best way to do this would be? Adding another training plan on top (a low volume base plan possibly?), adding up to an hour a day of extra zone 2 riding, or swapping workouts for their harder counterpart? I am planning on riding around 15 hours a week, and the current Systm XC MTB plans tops out around 10 hours.

I appreciate the help.

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I would do a double up day or two using some of the shorter interval type rides so that would leave you one or two empty days (don’t forget at least one rest day) Then a long or two say 2 hour Zone 2 rides (easy) on those “empty days”, this way, if you are tired then you can have an extra rest day without missing a workout off the standard plan.

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