Best way to set up Favero power meter ANT+ or Bluetooth

Quick question
I have a Kickr and Elemnt and just bought Favero Duo pedals. I’d like to do a few indoor Systm rides to compare the power data between the Krickr and the pedals. The Kickr is connected to my iPad and phone via Bluetooth. Should I set up the pedals to the Elemnt with Bluetooth to ANT+ or does it matter?

It doesn’t matter. Some say Bluetooth is more reliable, but you probably aren’t that far away so either should work.


Funny, but I have heard that ANT+ is more reliable and standardized so use it with my Assioma Duo pedals. It’s been a while since I tried BT with those pedals, but in the past there were issues with some of the more advanced pedaling metrics (l/r balance, torque effectiveness, etc…) coming across via BT. In some cases you’d get only left side power despite having both sides. In any case, it’s pretty easy to try both and see which works the best.


Thanks. I set them up and will give it a try tomorrow. If I see that I am only doing 200 watts for a sub threshold effort then I know I only set up the left pedal :joy: