Best Workouts for Low Cadence?

For some variety in the winter, I like to do a 3-week block of low cadence workouts and then a 3-week block of high cadence workouts, repeating for as long as I have to ride inside (except for fat bike rides). What are your favorite workouts for low cadence? I know about GOAT and Big Gear MAP (no vid). Any other suggestions?


@KAS Try Ian Boswell’s Strength Endurance.

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Welcome to the forums @KAS! If you are specifically planning to work low cadence you could do ANY of the climbing focused vids (go to the Library and filter by “Climbing”) and just ride them at the cadence of your choosing though many do feature lots of low cadence work. All of the On Location vids are climbing vids though there are periods of high cadence drills on some of them. Power Station is always a favourite and features a fair amount of out of the saddle sections.

Have fun!

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Or really any SUFF vids at all? Run ERG to set power, and just…pedal slower.



Thanks for all the responses! I’ve done Ian Boswell’s and enjoyed it. I will do some more of the climbing videos. Thanks again.

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Tongue-in-cheek, but try, say, Violator @ 65rpm one time. Straight up leg workout.


Cobbler was, well, a good experiment regarding low cadence.

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