TOS prep plan

Sorry but again for the second year thi s plan is too light.
I will be adding extra workouts, or substituting harder workouts. The structure seems wrong, I can hardly tell the difference
Between a recovery week and any other

I substituted The Bat for open 40.
So much better. I do want more than one tough ride a week.

I’d forgotten about the mental training aspect. I prefer it in ride to,a separate module.

I enjoyed Saying to myself “ Comeon show them the plan is wrong you can do it”

It’s plenty heavy enough for me :rofl:.

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I’m not sure what volume level you chose when you signed up but I had ProRide UAE, Butter and then full Blender on consecutive days.

That was nothing like a recovery week and was plenty hard enough.

I’ve put the workouts from this years prep plan into to check out what loading it does place me under. I’m following the high-volume plan, but have free-styled a couple of different workouts in where I have a dislike/preference.

From a starting point of Full Frontal on the Sunday, the algorithm shows the plan quickly pushes me into overload - this was reflected in me being unable to complete Blender last weekend.

It’s keeping me in optimal/overload for a couple more weeks and then begins a 2-3 week taper. I may not follow the taper eactly as I don’t plan to go nuclear for the tour (other priorities this year). Even if I do follow it, my fitness score has gone up 10 points on (since the start of the plan) and I’d enter the tour fresh (which is what you’ll need).

I’ve been sceptical in previous years, hence why I’m tracking it. If you trust their algorithms (and TSS/IF measurements), then it does work on paper (pixels?). I’ll tell you after the tour if translates to more power on the bike.


While I agree that this is an effective empirical metric, it is also the goal of the prep plan to allow you to maintain “full power” for a number of consecutive days, not just to see a power improvement, i.e. you get fitter if not more powerful.

Hopefully, both :grinning: