Bottom Bracket Clearance Issues

I had my bike tuned up (tear down, regreased, reassembled) and noticed there didn’t seem to be much clearance on my crank arm when I picked the bike up. That was mid-July.

I rode on damp roads for the first time since then on Saturday and my bike got grit all over it. So I cleaned it today and noticed a grinding noise when I rotated my crank arms. Once I got the bike clean the noise was gone, but now all the paint has been scrubbed off on my bottom bracket behind the crank arm.

I’ll be taking the bike back to my LBS and demand they fix this at no charge. I’m pretty sure the mechanic forgot a spacer but need a more informed opinion since I don’t know very much about bike maintenance or repair.

EDIT: as pointed out in the replies, the lack of spacer or clearance is the way the Domane is designed. It is likely that my bike was like this all along and I was just lucky that it hasn’t rubbed the paint off until now. I’ll be asking if a spacer can be added or some way to limit this from causing further damage to my bottom bracket.

Here are two pictures showing the damage and the lack of clearance.

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i caveat this with the fact i’m only a home mechanic for my own bikes but it looks like the LBS haven’t properly installed the crank arm flush (there’s not usually a spacer there)

do you get some movement left to right if you wiggle the crank side to side?

fortunately only paint damage by the looks but i’d ask the LBS to fix

Lots of modern carbon framed road bikes with integrated bottom brackets are designed with that little clearance ( check the photos of the bottom bracket on a Domane for example Trek Domane Road BIke Unveiled! - Bikerumor) and scratches like that are what happen when you ride in the wet or on gritty roads. Its cosmetic damage, I wouldn’t worry about it, you should see the state of my mountain bike.

If you go in to your bike shop demanding to have something fixed with the kind of tone in your original post you are going to get laughed out of there. Show them the scratches and ask if there should be a spacer or if there is room to fit one.

The bike shop added spacers that weren’t there when the crankset was removed. I think the mechanic who rebuilt it forgot them. But there was also a seized bearing. $30 for a new bearing and a little touch up paint on the frame. Not quite as good as new, though I’m pleased that they didn’t charge me for labor, prioritized my repair and had me out of the shop in 30 minutes.


Good to hear that you got a successful resolution.

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