Calibrating a power meter in Wahoo Systm

I have recently fitted a Limits Power Meter to my spin bikes pedals.
For accuracy it is recommended to re-calibrate the power meter before each ride, which is easy to do when using a stand alone bike computer like a Wahoo Bolt or Garmin.
My current Wahoo Systm setup involves an iPad connecting via Bluetooth to the HR, cadence and power meter sensors.
Within the Wahoo Systm how do you re-calibrate the power meter?

I would actually just do it with the same head unit that you’re using for your outdoor rides (although I appreciate this doesn’t directly answer your question)

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I know of no way to do this within SYSTM, for any power meter.

There’s usually an external method for calibration for power meters, either via a head unit (as previously mentioned) or via the manufacturer’s own app (if applicable).

You can’t currently, but it’s on the planned updates list