Strage outcom of my Ride

Hello I am new to Wahoo system.
I recently have road a track of the giro Donna. pro course. tot try it out.
After a hour of cycling on my wahoo kickr core. i saw a strange outcome of my ride.
I had don one hour of cycling around 200watts effort and only road 16km

My question is: is it always on a pro ride that the outcome is not accurate?
I an now thinking maybe my trainer is not calibrated accurately. because i think i drove more watts then there was on the screen.

Also the cadence was not accurate . it was most of the time around 80 90 and it did not feel like that i think i was much slower in cadence. sometimes i tried to stop peddling to look if the data will chance and it did bur not accurately.

Can someone help me please.

Another question! is wahoo system also interactive with climbing percentages?

That seems odd.
What did you have set to determine speed in SYSTM? Ideally you should be using SYSTMs own speed, not speed from your trainer. Then, so long as your wheel size and weight are set to something not totally anomalous in your profile your speed should be reasonably accurate.

Power and cadence in the chart suggest that you are having connection problems causing dropouts (unless you frequently stopped pedaling). That would explain the odd readings. So first, I would try to solve the dropout problem. There can be lots of causes and lots of solutions. I’d try deinstalling and reinstalling SYSTM first (because it’s easy and sometimes works). Also, try and make sure you don’t have lots of devices competing for Bluetooth connections. If that doesn’t help, you could describe your set up (ie what trainer) in more detail and someone with a similar setup might be able to help. Or contact customer service.


Good spot, I didn’t bother look at the graphs. That said, it is a ProRides ride so, without looking up the workout profile, you could coast and burst lots of sections in those.

That said, the OP states “I had don one hour of cycling around 200watts effort and only road 16km”, but the workout has a recorded average of 87 watts and a total distance of 13.36km, so I’m not sure where their stated numbers come from.

Hello to you all. thanks for the reactions.

Sunday i did another training. now suddenly i found out what the problem is.

I use my laptop to connect to my trainer by an ant+ usb dongle.
I though i had a connection because i saw a bike trainer. With this connection i had the strange ride recording.

now Sunday i had the laptop connected again. only i also had connected my phone. true the app wahoo fitness app with the bike trainer.
And nou i found the trainer again in the Bluetooth connection but now i found my wahoo kicker ( a different name)

Then i placed on the erg modes. and then in the training i had no more drops in the data.

so i will try another work out this week.

Thanks you