Can i replace GCN videos?

Hello everyone, I’m doing a new “ramp up” training plan, only now noticed it has GCN videos in it. Is there a possibility to NOT have those and have only SUF videos? I personally dislike the GCN videos, as I don’t enjoy seeing someone on a trainer…

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Jesus C

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You can always use the mini-player and watch Cyclocross on YouTube for example :slight_smile:


Absolutely - just pick one of the equivalent from the main list - will mean 5-10 mins of checking what matches, but should be identifiable well enough?
list themm out here if you want and we can suggest options

If it’s any help I recently did The Chores instead of GCN Power Torque intervals since I thought they were similar enough. I know what you mean about the GCN videos.


I did my first GCN session yesterday - Aerobic Endurance. I thought I’d hate it but I quite enjoyed being talked through it actually and I have to say it was a brutal session and featured very high quality suffering.


I did Aerobic Endurance yesterday too, and turned on the sound for the last 10 minutes after a podcast finished.

Having the music made a big difference for me; from memory, some of the other GCN sessions don’t have music, just talking. I’m not a huge fan of being talked at during these, but the balance between the music and the commentary was good in this one.

Great session, BTW! :+1:


Thanks, I just wish I could do it before the plan goes to my calendar. GCN videos are good efforts but I don’t like them. it kind of makes me sad, feels like it’s the result of wahoo acquiring Suf. Since wahoo sponsors GCN. I used to be a fan but since Mat left it’s not the same and now it feels the show is about selling stuff. I hope Suf doesn’t ever feel like that

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Thanks for replying, not useful though I really said I want to remove them!

@Martin where do you find the equivalent list? Or do you mean i have to scroll and find alternatives on my own from the workout library?

There is no mini-player on iPad.

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There are no formal lists I’m aware of. I’d go into the workout player and probably sort by the focus (like 1min/5min/20min etc) and pick one that felt similar enough.

Happy to help do that. The coaches will have a better idea obvs … so if you throw out what the first ones are as a specific ‘what could replace these workouts’ question they might pick that up.

In the meantime - good call adding this is a feature request. I think I replied on another post today. Feature requests make it really clear what people are really keen on from a development point of view. If that wasn’t you then apols - was similar subject.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I was not aware.

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