Mixing up the workouts in training plans

I have been training with The Sufferfest for over a year now and I really like it, especcially the results I get. Since I’m on one of the appreciated training plans most of the time I really miss an option to choose between workouts focusing on the same outcomes. Or in other words I want to mix things up a little bit. I.e. I really like the added GCN workout videos but until now they never appear in any of my prescribed training plans. When you released the first six GCN videos to The Sufferfest there were some suggestions on which workouts you could switch them in for. But that has not been the case for the latest releases. So right now I feel a little bit like being on a plan keeps me from getting all the variety and entertainment benefits The Sufferfest could actually offer.

Would you consider to either implement the GCN videos into training plans or at least give some advice on which videos could be replaced by them for all of the GCN workout videos? That would be really great.

I’m not so sure if this posting is correctly placed into the training section or if it is more of a feature request. Feel free to move it to the right place, if necessary.


Yeah, maybe more of a feature request? The minions can copy it to there if required. :slight_smile:

I agree though - I am doing plans, but I seem to end up doing the same workouts a lot, and there are so many other good options there now. You can use the app to choose a workout that has a similar star rating for the 4DP, and similar duration. That works a bit.


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On that basis, would the GCN Endurance Ride be a substitute for Defender? Both are 1/1/2/5 and are within 3 minutes of each other. Just using an example to test my understanding

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There’s a feature request somewhere for interchangeable videos. So you have a few options for each day depending on the desired training result/load.
This is partially implemented in some way in the eRacing plan, for example, where you have some days with Option A and Options B (workout vs race).


I was forced to mix it up because family, work etc.
Meaning when I miss a day I go for a harder option the next day while trying to keep the idea (FTP, VO2, MAP…) the plan suggested alive.
Something like that.

I missed the 4DP test at the end because of a cold but since I absolutly smashed my outdoor PBs while still in the plan I already assume it was good for something. :slight_smile: