(Request) Add more GCN sessions

There are tons of great session being added all the time at GCN training - if it would be possible to add more recent sessions to the SYSTM library that would be smashing! I particularly enjoy the newer productions led by Manon.



Hey @Jens, welcome to the forums!

I’m generally not a fan of the GCN style vids (though some of those workouts are brilliant) but I am 100% for more content and if the stuff is out there already anyway it would be nice if the wahoo SYSTM team could tap into that.

As for “instructor” led sessions I put all my money on the On Location series with Sir @michael.cotty and Nicole Frain. Granted, these are typically longer so not as easy to knock off in under an hour.


This touches on a point, actually.
There is probably space in the library for a bunch more “class” style sessions. Half-hour(ish) at intensity, that can be easily fitted in before work or over a lunch period for the time-crunched.
Shorter, but still intense rides are low in numbers on SYSTM, currently best served typically by the standing GCN vids.


Registered to support that. I love GCN workouts (especially Escalator) and would love to see more of GCN added to the library. It’s a nice change of pace from the “traditional” SUF workouts.

I would also like to see more half-hourish but intense workouts published.


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Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I’ll be discussing things with the GCN crew later this year as we figure out what we want to do with them in the library. At the very least, it’s certainly time to swap out some of the existing ones for some of the newer ones they’ve been making.

I also note the request for shorter, solid workouts across the entire library. Mike Cotty and I are discussing options for his next couple of shoots and we’ll see if it’s possible to do a shorter On Location or two (not sure that Mike ever does short rides, though… :wink:


He makes us suffer. It’s about time he had to suffer by doing some short rides


Please don’t swap out existing ones. Just add the newer ones to the mix.


I’d like to see some more hard 30 to 35 minute rides for on location, SUF, or pro rides for those days when I don’t have much time. I’d also like to see more 2 hour+ rides for those winter weekends. I was surprised this winter when the longer pro rides kept me engaged for the entire ride. This was my first year with SYSTM and I was really surprised that I could stay on the trainer for some of the longer pro rides.


Yes, definitely. I’d like to see more <35 minute rides as well as more 2 hour + rides (with videos).


Thanks for the information, sounds great!

@Glen.Coutts Thank you :blush:

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The old GCN videos are the best, ~1hr sessions with minor variations on well known interval sessions.

By contrast, the videos since they launched the rebranded GCN Training channel seem to all be 20-30min HIIT session with random intensities - designed more for generating clicks than cycle training (imho).

Given the choice i’d prefer to see more of the older sessions added rather than the newer ones.

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I’d probably prefer more in the 90min to 2hr category than 2hrs+, but I agree with the sentiment. It’s approaching that time of year where in some countries it’s simply unpleasant to go out and do a 3hr endurance ride, so a bigger variety of Tempo/Threshold rides generating a similar TSS would be great.