Alternatives to INSPIRATION

I am week 3 into my plan however seeing a few INSPIRATION sessions today for one, any suggests on what to do instead. I just do not have the time or motivation to do these videos I find them a tad boring sitting on the trainer for 90 mins.

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When I’ve found one that isn’t for me, I drop to the mini player and fire up youtube and watch stuff on there, cycling videos, GCN, etc… Works pretty good for me.


You can always just do them with the films turned off while you concurrently watch anything you like on the internet.

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In response to a different question Coach Rupert H suggested that you could substitute Elements of Style:

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GCN race pass has loads of racing that you can watch. And there is a host of cycling documentaries of YouTube .

I have to agree with you - my current plan had me doing 3 Inspiration videos and on GCN over the last week - I nearly pulled my hair out with his dull they were. I keep trying them and hoping that I will like them but I just can’t handle them. I’m done watching them - I’m just going to silence them and put them on a second screen and watch Netflix or read my email or something. I find them to be dreadful, and the boredom is worse than any of the misery that SUF brings.

And unfortunately I am having a really hard time on the GCN videos as well - I only made it 12 minutes into a video today before abandoning and turning on a SUF video.