Can I Stand in Half Monty?

I believe I read some time ago Sir David saying you should NOT stand while doing HM? is this correct? should I remain seated all the time?



Yes, ideally you should remain seated for the duration of the ramp, especially in the later stages. It is okay to stand a little during the constrained effort just for the sake of comfort.
Really you want your test set up to match your workout set up, so if you test out of the saddle, your numbers would only reflect your standing power, which can often be higher than seated power. You might squeeze a few extra watts out of your MAP during the test, but it can set you up for failure during workouts when you stay seated.


Thanx. Seated it is then.
Last time I did it, I remained seated all the time, but also failed to complete EVERY workout for the following 2 or 3 weeks…after that I started crushing them, now, im feeling the need of a new test! :muscle: :leg: