Can I sync my system activity to ridewithgps?

Or can I use my gps device to record my activity while I do a workout in system?

Hi @paulf, welcome to SYSTM!

Currently you can not directly upload from SYSTM to ridewithgps.

But as you suggested you can dual record with your Head Unit, there are lots of people doing it for various reasons: Dual Recording—why do you do it?
Getting the data to ridewithgps would be one reason. This would be more convenient than uploading the export from SYSTM or the mail to ridewithgps.

When doing it your devices need to support multiperipheral Bluetooth or you have to use ANT+ or mix BLE with ANT+.

There may be more import/export options coming to SYSTM in the future, when the outside ride integration and/or Analytics Features are coming. We will have to wait and see.
I would hope that they are going to support the same sites Wahoo is already supporting with the ELEMNT Headunit and the iOS/Android Fitness App, since they are already invested there. Luckily ridewithgps is among those.

What I do is all my SYSTM workouts post to Strava. I export the FIT file from Strava and then import into RWGPS. That seems to work just fine.

Today I did the Full Frontal (4DP Test). I found a fit file that I was able to use. I don’t remember if it was in the System software or an email. I was able to download it and then upload to to ridewithgps. I guess if that is not available to me next time, I can always manually add the ride, if I so desire. Thanks for your suggestions. The smart trainer (I got the wheel on) and the software is great!

Both my wife and I tried using our Head Units to accomplish just this. We both get an error and the ride will not upload to RWGPS. I opened a ticket with Wahoo support. They pointed me to RWGPS. I opened a ticket with RWGPS who reluctantly pointed me back to Wahoo.

I believe the problem to be malformed data being sent to RWGPS from either the companion app or the head unit to the companion app, but support was not interested.

My wife gave up and her Strava and RWGPS are now out of sync. I upload to RWGPS manually using .tcx file from email sent by SYSTM.

I must note that this kind of thing is what drove me away from Garmin. This is strike 1 for Wahoo. Very disappointed. I would think they would be interested in fixing a bug in their software.

I have the SYSTM app email me a link to the workout file - this happens automatically when I save my workout. I save a copy of the FIT file on my PC, which I then upload to Ride With GPS. This works well for me, and never causes any problem.

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