Cape Epic - best training plan or coaching options please

Hi, I have a 7 day multi-stage MTB race on 20th March. I have used SUF/SYSTM for years and quite familiar with the training plans but always just used what look to be the highest volume plans for endurance events. I am currently using the the MTB 100 mile with strength to run until event day. I know you offer a 121 session with a coach but before I book one, is there any added benefit in doing the paid session? what could i expect that goes beyond the standard program?
Many thanks

Hi @henryd ! The coach call is a great way to answer your personal questions about your specific race and plan. Such a motivating group of coaches who can provide unique insight to help your peak performance!

Hi @coach.jinger.g thanks for getting back to me. I’ll look to schedule a call.

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I do suggest you get yourself heat acclimated whilst suffering and do loads of climbing/VO2 type training. Enjoy Epic.

Cheers Dan. There’s a heater in my cave! :hot_face::hot_face: