Challenges: process map

One of the things we occasionally find are FAQ’s / issues are the impacts of the window, and of tracking.
Last tour, @anon8787683 created a faq for one of the constant questions we get around tracking.

The last one (and this happens a fair bit) we had the challenge dashboard ‘thing’ happening. I was racking my brains for what I found as a new user a while back, and the same thing I’ve had to repeat time after time in challenges on the boards and wondered if it would be good to centralise:

  1. Check at our end when the batch will kick off for processing completed activities, and ensure it’s set to kick off and pick up from when the SUF window starts (many people will be right in there - seemingly ‘early by a day’ compared to when the challenge is listed as starting.
  2. check at our end when the system will say it’s Closed - which should be at the very end of the window, not the published ‘end date’
  3. Issue in as many places as possible the faq, which are:
    a) Link to the individual dashboard for the challenge and to use that for determining when each workout opens and closes, and how to bookmark your own one
    b) remind people to use the challenge dashboard as the primary source for which workout to do.(this one is an interesting one now that we have the Calendar
    c) I’m sure there were more …

Then re-issue that FAQ stuff on a regular basis during the challenge and encourage people to share the link to it to others so that the minions don’t get 5,000 emails abut ‘when / why does my window look like this and why have I missed a workout’

Feels like a wee workflow needed for each challenge

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@Martin thanks for posting your insightful comments for keeping our Challenges on track! We definitely had a few issues with the dashboard for our latest yoga challenge - it’s the perfect opportunity to review and refine our process for Challenges!

I monitor and record of all the feature requests suggested by Sufferlandrians so I’ll be sure to include these suggestions on the list! Cheers!


Looking fwd to the next challenge already :slight_smile:

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Great stuff @Martin! Thank you for that. We have a lot of work to do around challenges. We have plans to make improvements in this area.

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Wondering. Why can’t the challenge dashboard be a tab in the app?


It should be! Well, challenges should live within the app… tab or not, they should be there. Give it time :wink: