Change dates for an entire training program?

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I’m loving SUF so far. Despite my best efforts, sometimes the real world forces me to skip a day. I know we can change dates for individual training sessions, but is there a way to move a whole training program that is already in progress forward?

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What you can do (and I have done it) is to delete the plan, and reapply it so that the end date is one day later than it was.

The original workouts will remain in place, the future workouts will be one day later.


Thanks for replying. Will this work, since SUF doesn’t allow you to start a program on a day that has already passed? I feel like it will just cut the training program short by removing workouts to make it fit between the new start date (which could be weeks after the original start date) and the end date which is only pushed back by a day.

It would be really nice to be able to just drag and drop workouts from one day to the next, and to easily be able to move entire training programs around.

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Set the end date and you’ll get all the workouts laid out from today onwards to that end date. The old plan is removed and the workouts you’ve already done stay in the calendar.


Drag and drop would be nice when you just need to rearrange a workout or two.

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How do I delete an entire plan?

In iOS, go to Calendar and then View Summary ( you might need to change to list view so that it appears for each week). At the bottom of the Summary, the applied plans are listed. Select View for the plan you want to delete, then Delete Plan. It will keep any rides you have completed for the plan, and delete the un completed ones.


@Epeadon gave you the answer.