End of July schedule

My calendar for July isn’t populated from the 27th to the end of the month. I checked August and nothing there either. I have a yearly subscription (I checked). Any ideas why this has happened?

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Hi there. In the SUF app - What workouts / plan info are you missing?
Is it a cycling plan or yoga plan or something that had workouts scheduled that aren’t there?

Cheers, M.

Are you sure that maybe your last training plan is not just ending on this date?

If you go into the SUF App and into the Plan Section, you can see your calendar. Every scheduled training plan has a certain color.
My plan ends on the 12th (I highlighted my free days in yellow).
Click on the colored stripe where - in the example screenshot - it says „Olympic Distance Triathlon“ and a new popup should open.

In the new window you should see a couple of details of your plan and, most importantly, the end date.

*Sorry for the rough screen grabs. I‘m on my mobile phone right now.

In the case that your plan ends, simply choose a new one that fits your goals by clicking the + Button in the calendar window.

I hope this helps. Otherwise please elaborate a bit more so we can help.

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Cycling plan. I didn’t realize that the plans are only 12 weeks. Is that right? I think that’s the problem. Now, how do I figure out what plan to start next?

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Thanks for the detailed response. I’m sure my current plan has ended. Now I have to figure out what to do next.

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Cool. I did wonder but didn’t want to assume.
There are a heap if training plans available to you in the app. If you go in to the app and hit the ‘plans’ button (on iOS it’s at the bottom).

You can have a look in there and select one with our without yoga, strength, different focus etc.

It’s getting really configurable these days.

One thing maybe worth doing (if you haven’t) - do an end plan 4DP Full Frontal so that your numbers are all ballpark good for getting the most out of your next plan.

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