Insert "off" week into a training plan?

Hey, I’m in the middle of a training plan (actually, only 3 weeks left) but we’re going on vacation for a week. I’ll be active, spend some time running in Z2, etc. but I want to “pause” my workouts in SUF and move them out a week.

Is there any way to do this or do I have to move every workout individually? (And it’s not a small number considering I chose to add yoga and strength into a triathlon plan…:slight_smile: )

Welcome @pilotdude

You can delete the plan, which won’t delete past efforts, and reapply the plan a week later

As Stonechat suggests. Take a note of your current plan end date and details before deleting it and then re-apply the exact same plan with a new end date a week later. There is an option to time a plan by end date rather than the default start date.