Training Plan - Bulk Move Dates

I am on a training plan but after a Covid injection I was ill for most of a week and now not sufficiently strong enough to continue for a few more days.

I cannot see any way to move what’s left of the training plan forward to a specific date. I would have to move every single workout one-by-one. If this is true this is ludicrous. I imagine that this would be a common thing people would want to do, i.e. due to illness, work commitments, personal reasons etc.

In fact it would be better if you could retrospectively move even where the dates are in the past, perhaps up to a maximum of a week. Let’s say you are working away for a week. You come back and grab the week you missed and all the dates still to do and move the whole thing forward.

The simplest way for now is delete the plan (you won’t lose past workouts) and restart it on the date you will resume. I’ve done that a few times since dropping a cutting blade on my toe.

You can. Just delete your plan and then re-add your plan by choosing your end date instead of the start date. Just check your current plan end date before deleting it and then move the end date a week back when re-adding it. It won’t add workouts to dates that have already past and will allow you to start back where you left off.


This worked. Thank you.