Change the colors/bars (blue/yellow/orange/red(magenta?)) as intensity changes

Posted this as a reply first. Now I realize I should’ve posted as it’s own topic:

I posted this in the other forum on the website, and reposting just to make sure it is not lost/forgotten:

When a workout’s intensity is adjusted (either by the coach as part of the plan, or by the user) the 4DP bars in the summary should change accordingly (e.g., if AVDP is adjusted down, the MAP bars should go down and the FTP bar should go up (presumably)). That would help understand the goal of the session with the changes targets.

Likewise in the workout itself, if the targets are reduced a sufficient amount, the color in the workout should change (e.g, in Team Scream yellow MAP targets to blue FTP, or in Fight Club, if the attack intensity is reduced (maybe Lizzie had a bad day), then those might be yellow instead of Orange). That would help in the workout to better visually anticipate the intensity of the next intervals (with I admit is already indicated by the lower height of the bar, but the color does through you off sometimes).

Conversely, if you increased the intensity in one of Coty’s videos the blue bars should turn yellow, etc. (not sure why you’d do that)

Thanks @Erik-KOS - we’ve had a few suggestions come in as to how we could improve the display during the reduced intensity sessions - so that the on-screen displays and targets better represent the adjusted workout. I’ll include your comments with respect to this particular feature request! Thanks!


At the moment, the colors within the workout do not refer to intensity, but to the 4DP metric that a particular effort is based on. So, if you see something in orange, it means it’s based off your AC. Of course, there is a relationship to intensity: something based on MAP is likely to be more intense than something based on FTP. Perhaps we can find a way to communicate both things more effectively.


@David.McQuillen.KoS yes, totally get that the metric determines the color. Where I have noticed this situation the most is in reduced intensity workouts (recovery ride). At times when MAP is reduced to a greater percentage than FTP (e.g, FTP at 90%, MAP at 60%), i’ve come across situations when going from a blue (FTP) interval to yellow (MAP), the power targets actually go down. In those situations I would think that the metric being targeted is all FTP and not MAP.

That said I am sure there is more science behind all of this that fits in my brain and what metric is targeted in a particular interval depends not only in the power targets, but also what you did previously in that workout and probably also what you’ve done in the days prior.

Tl:dr when a yellow MAP interval has a lower power target than the prior blue FTP interval should the yellow also be blue - think reduced targets for a recovery ride.


Just to add my $.02 to this discussion. This could be handled as a gradient fill when the intensities are adjusted as part of a training plan. This would preserve the original intent, as the y0 would be the original color, and the new reduction would match the adjusted level.