Graphics dont match perceived effort

These new videos from wahoo are totally hosed. Just completed Provence dentelles de montmirail. This workout is totally backwards. When I to do an interval the power drops. For example the plan calls for 6.5 effort which is color coded as blue. Great thats endurance. Then there is a 10 second interval at 8.5 effort. That is color coded in yellow which is correct but the power drop about 20 percent from the blue leve. The graphic on the screen clearly shows the effort less than the 6.5 effort. Mike Cotty comments when the interval is. He also stands and sprints each time, but the program just lowers the wattage requirement for 10 seconds. Mike even comments the purpose of the workout hard interval followed by recover at load. That is not what happens.

Tete de course appears to have same errors.

Am I missing something here? It appears once again Wahoo has bad QC.

I did Dentelles this morning and had no such problem.

Do other videos exhibit the same issue, with the same perceived effort problem?

What are your 4DP levels, especially FTP and MAP?

Sounds like you’re having an issue with trainer control. What type of trainer are you using? Are you connecting via Ant+FEC or Bluetooth. Are you using iOS or Mac or Windows or Android?

I always find Bluetooth has much better responsiveness to power changes than Ant+ but others find the opposite.

Have you submitted a support request?

You’ll find the minions are very quick to help get you sorted.

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Blue targets are based on FTP. Yellow are based on MAP. Different people will see different relative values but yellow should pretty much always be higher than blue. As titanicus asks, what is your FTP and MAP set to? And, just to check, were the settings left at the default of 100%? And, as Sir Glen suggests, the support crew will help you out if you send in a help request, they can see your profile and ride data.

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As above, sounds like either the intensities for the work out have been altered, or your 4DP profile is off, and specially your MAP is set too low or has been adjusted down for the workout. It would be worth checking that first.

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Something that imediately came to mind and has been repeatedly addressed: Open the Settings box and check that FTP/MAP are set to 100% and in that box you should see that FTP is lower than MAP. One thing that you didn’t state is if you have done Full Frontal and received ‘acceptable’ results. If you haven’t, off to the Pain Parlour with you to do it. Without proper settings, you will get the results you see.

Hi, and welcome to these forums :slight_smile: hopefully you’ll get all the help you need

All the answers are in the various posts above about checking settings and so on.
If you’re ok sharing, can you let us know what the actual starting numbers are in your settings when you start the Provence workout (as an example)

For what it’s worth, the short intervals component of that for me has me working at approx 10% below my ftp, and the MAP intervals about 5% below my current MAP value (just ran it and checked my starting values to test in case that helps you)

I did adjust the FTP to make the ride tougher. I thought that would adjust at minimum the FTP and MAP. I found no way to adjust MAP.

I was also under the thought that perceived effort was how the levels or rather power demand was created. IE my FTP is 7.5. So a 8.5 effort like these were marked would be above threshold but easily do able for the 10 seconds.

I guess I need to redo the full monty again.