NEW in the SUF App: Our 'INSPIRATION' category

There is a filter, just make sure that you’ve updated to version 6.19

Great new feature, thanks. I did Changement de Roux tonight though and could not find how to get the subtitles on. I used the tips, made sure video fit to the available viewing area, got rid of the all the power/heartrate targets and tried different combinations but still no subtitles. Looks an interesting film though and once sorted will watch again. I had pre downloaded vid just incase that makes any difference.

I think watching the green line is part of the SUF mental toughness training!!! :thinking:

I just added a new training plan and I see the new videos are part of it.

Mr Burns voice… Excellent!

Just updated my All-purpose road plan. This is an awesome upgrade! A much better solution for the reduced intensity sessions.

I also noticed a few tweaks in the other full intensity workouts, with some of the newest videos now included.

Great :+1:

Gah! Sorry about that. We uploaded the version without subtitles by accident. Will get that sorted ASAP.


Genius! Much appreciated. :blush:
Can‘t wait to try them out.

Can’t wait for this Rohan Denis documentary. My training plan scheduled it for 20/12/30.
Anyway I wonder why I still have at least some “No Vid Recovery Spins” on the schedule.


So I deleted the plan I was currently on and replaced it with a new one to get these videos.

Worked like a charm, and as a bonus, the Violator I had in the plan for Monday got replaced by Attacker

Now, I’ve never done the Attacker before, but based on past experience, eliminating Violator makes life much easier :slight_smile:

Replaced all purpose road intermediate with new plan (in Week 5). The hours per week and TTS/week doesn’t build in the same way as before and plans total training load is significantly reduced. Why is this. I feel like I was working hard but not burying myself before. This plan now looks “too easy”.

Rode 3 videos in a row the last one being one of the new inspirational videos. No problems. All went smooth. Loving it. Currently in the Transition plan and ‘refreshed’ the plan. However, none of the new videos included :’(

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Just did the ‘Chasing legends’ vid, you gotta love Cav’s sprint on the Champs Elyssée. I’ve seen it a 100 times and still love it.

Reaplied the training plan to incorporated these videos, so much better then the reduced intensity workouts.

One little comment: it would be a lot nicer if the volume of the music was a bit lower then the volume of the conversations. No the music was either to loud or I couldn’t understand the conversations/interviews. Not really a problem today because I started early, would a problem if my daughter had already gone to bed.


Did both Dogs Life vids, today. Great stuff!


Well that was a fun ride through Scandinavia.
That’s the long endurance ride in the plan ticked and I can now make a sound like a moose. Happy days.
Variety is the spice of life …


First one I did. Loved it.

My favorite part is that HTC could have gone 1-2-3 in that sprint if they wanted to. Such utter dominance.

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The idea is super. But execution needs some improvements. I’ve been tryring to download “One hour …” and it faild. So I rode it on-line. So many “buffering / video error” mesages that it doesn’t make sanse to ride it. My Internet connection was very good all the time?! Too many downloads at one time / your servers were not scale up properly? But I will try to downlload the otehrs, of course. And my personal comments: that film was boring :wink:, no drama, no action. But grate kudos to all the staff for that bring that films to us!

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Just tried HellWeek. These movies are a great reward after Suffering! I love the classics so to see the inside story is truly inspiring and entertaing


Sorry you had issues. Drop is a line on and we can help troubleshoot for you.

Just did Half the Road and really enjoyed it! The workout itself, although it felt good, is a bit boring in terms of variation in pace and effort, but watching the film makes it easy to forget the time and just keep pedalling… I loved Emma Pooley’s comment about Thomas Dekker :joy:
Look forward to riding all the other inspiration workouts!