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Looking forward to kicking the tires on the new SYSTM app. Finding the new plan builder a little clunky, but probably just need to get used to it.

Can’t see where combined indoor/outdoor plans are a thing anymore. Can a Minion steer me in the right direction? I see cycling > general > all purpose > is where the indoor/outdoor option would USED to reside, but I don’t see any toggle or menu to select that in SYSTM.


If you choose something like the Metric century (cycling/event prep/road) then the long weekend rides are scheduled with such sessions as endurance 2h which can be done inside or outside…

I’ve found the outdoor intervals on the weekend (I’m doing 200mile gravel grinder plan) are written out for doing outdoors like before. BUT, if the weather is pants, I’ve found there’s almost always a corresponding indoor NoVid session to do on the trainer as an alternative which is brilliant. Sometimes it’s a little shorter but the overall session intent and structure is the same.
So. Much. Choice

@LesAyre, @DameLisa, thanks both. I was able to find the metric century path that got them back in the plan.

And yes, @DameLisa, I do the same with my outdoor sessions. The NoVids are great…for when the. weather. is. pants. :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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@DameLisa reminds me I need to post the new socks!

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Oooo new socks!

I was also disappointed not to see the Indoor/Outdoor option in plan selection on the new SYSTM. I need this option as I want to get out on the weekends but also want to know that the workouts I do in the week take that into account.

It seems to me, from reading the announcement message and the coming soon section in the dcrainmaker section, that the way outside workouts is going to be changing, I expect that it’s going to be more along the lines that every workout will be doable outside, so you will just add your plan, and then send you workouts to the head unit (Wahoo have said that not only Wahoo head units will be supported), but as with all software, changes are incremental

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I used to like this too, but I don’t seem have these indoor options in the new SYSTM app :thinking:

Look in the No Vids section. They’re definitely all there.