Why does the training plan lower intensity of some workouts?

I’ve just commenced my second week of my first 12 week training plan (ever). I selected Intermediate / gran fondo.

I noticed today that the intensity of the workout “The best thing in the world”, was considerably lowered. I’m interested to know why does the training plan do this? What’s the thinking behind it?

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It gives you a video for something to watch and reduces the intensity so it is, essentially, a recovery ride without just turning it into a boring 30+ minutes of spinning.

The intention is to balance work days with rest days, but still give you something to do most days.


Hey there,
Great question! The reason we used reduced intensity sessions in our plans is to make sure you are not going all out all the time. Training is a complex process of working your muscle tissues hard to break them down so they come back stronger but that recover process is vital to ensure you are allowing time for the muscles fibres to regenerate and make you fitter and more efficient. Within our plans you will notice there are harder weeks and then recovery blocks so that over the course of your 12 week plan you will have allowed your body to transform and contribute to better 4dp numbers when you get to Full Frontal in the final week.
Here is some more info on our Reduced Intensity Workouts


On these reduced intensity workouts what should “Do not adjust recovery sections” be set to? Ticked or Unticked?. I have Long Scream due today at 44% of FTP. If I have it ticked I need to start at the highest effort of the whole workout. Unticked makes it 22% of my FTP

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I don’t think it matters, but you can probably leave it as ticked. “Recovery” sections are considered to be at a level where you aren’t straining yourself at all anyway, while the 44% of FTP is meant to bring down the overall level… 22% might feel just too spinny though.


Hi George,
You can keep the box ticked as recommended. As the session is reduced intensity you will not be at risk of over exerting yourself and still have time to warm up and avoid injury.