Color saturation is crazy in new app

So I’m looking at The Sufferfest side by side with SYSTM specifically on The Way Out, windows 10. Take 11:08 (SYSTM time… Edit: backup slightly starting at maybe 11:03) for a random example. In SYSTEM the roof of that building on the right side of the left road, is going crazy with orange dancing around, and Mike’s shorts should glow in the dark. Orange is blown out. Any scene with orange brush is also un-natural (ex: 34:50, or look at the headlights at 58:36). But it’s not just orange. The lake at 25:40… water isn’t that blue, reds just seem even worse though in this vid. I wonder if some manager said “Make it pop more!” and it’s gone the way of fake go-pro coloring, but it really just looks bad, and in some cases completely saturated. It was fine in The Sufferfest. I’m comparing on a couple of different monitors, in both cases old vs new. I don’t know if it’s all vids. I haven’t used the new app that much yet.

Yeah, that first example you provide is pretty visually different in SYSTM. Something for the content minions to review, for sure. A lot of the video quality looked crushed in the old app to my old eye (I always blamed the transcoder, just had that look about it) but this SYSTM version is pretty (maybe not so pretty) zingy.

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I’m never a fan of highly un-natural color saturation (that marketers love), but I think some of the issue here beyond that preference is that it’s been reprocessed without going back to, or maybe ever having, a high bit-depth original. I think that roof is amplifying color to the point where the lack of gradient detail is just becoming painfully obvious. You can’t push what isn’t there. Look at the roofline shadow at 58:36 (corrected), that blue, ugh, similar issue. The original videos aren’t all amazing, there’s a lot of sharpening ringing too, but they look like what they are, until they’re pushed to what they’re not.