Comprehension question about Basic Training

Hey all - I’m new to cycling.
I have a question, I wanted to start for the first month with the basic training GA1 (<70%/HR) - in my case max. 140bpm.

But now there are days (mostly weekends) where I can pedal at around 140bpm for an hour at 150W /90cadence and then there are days when it was physically exhausting at work, then I have at 140bpm only 125/130W.

What does that mean for the GA1 training - should I now settle on 140bpm, no matter how many watts I can manage, or on 150W which I can manage when I am rested?
And training only on non-working days is not an option :wink:

Blockquote But now there are days (mostly weekends) where I can pedal at around 140bpm for an hour at 150W /90cadence and then there are days when it was physically exhausting at work, then I have at 140bpm only 125/130W.

You should adjust your efforts based on what happened during the day, if the plan calls for you working in a specific heart or power range. In this case, you placed an extraordinary amount of physical stress on your body and it is saying ‘enough already’. On those days, you might want to consider doing a recovery level ride instead and let it go.

As to ‘not being about to ride on non-working days is not an option’ you really need to be as close to the plan as possible to reap the gains. However, if you need to skip a training day, don’t try to ‘make it up’ as you may experience deep Suffering. That is never desired and might prove detrimental.

Bottom line is listen very closely to your body and if you can sneak out to do a short bit of training, do it. Your body will thank you.

Is training first thing in the morning a possibility? I am not a fan of waking up early but that works quite well for me.
Said that, if you don’t get along with riding after eating something up, a good dinner makes the treat as long as the workout isn’t too hard. In that case, fueling while riding is a good option.

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Ok, as has been mentioned consistency is the key no matter at what level you start from. Stick to the plan as much as possible but you said you have just started cycling so this is all new and its not surprising that some days you are shattered. Where did you get that figure from to do your training? Maybe a crack at the half Monty fitness test will give you a more accurate idea of your fitness and give you correct levels to start from. Normally when you are tired your resting HR is elevated but it is difficult to get your HR up to the same level for the power you did say a few days ago so you may need to rest and you could think that you are not getting anywhere, it has to be factored in otherwise you will go backwards and not progress. But you mention that your HR is higher for less effort? but anyway I think you do need to rest a bit. Be patient as you will be surprised of how much improvement you will make once you get into the swing of things. I started cycling properly only two years ago at the age of 67 and whilst I thought I was pretty fit I could barely push 120 watts ( under 2 watts per kilo) for more than about 10 minutes, Now at 69 my FTP (20mins 4dp test) is just on 3.5 watts per kilo. Welcome to the forum and keep it up, any training is better than none!!


@Christian_S Welcome to the forum! You’ve set your initial target to complete your first month focusing on your base training and in your case 140bpm. No problem! Yes, on some days you will be able to produce more power than others due to work and life demands as @jmckenzieKOS suggested, adjust your target power here. Sleep and stress are the main factors that will affect your workout readiness. I suggest you complete the Fitness Kickstarter Plan. Under Training Plans-Cycling-General Fitness-Fitness Kickstarter. This is a 6 week Intro to Wahoo SYSTM and involves some baseline testing that @ozmadman recommended. If you are tired from work or too busy, best to skip the workout and move on. Don’t try to make up workouts.

I also suggest you schedule a call with a coach so that your specific circumstances can be addressed- One-on-One Call With a Wahoo Coach | Wahoo Fitness

Happy Training!

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