Configure Garmin Rally on RGT?


I am new to RGT

Sensors are up and running on ANT+, but isn’t it possible to set crank length for the Garmin Rally pedals I have?

I’d assume the app will show a different wattage than actual pushed if not configured?
At least that’s how it’s done my Garmin bike Computer

Current setup has 170 mm crank arms

The crank length is actually stored on the pedals. So if you’ve set it and done an initial calibration with your watch/head unit, then the crank length will be set correctly on the pedals.

Edit: Also I imagine via the Garmin app instead of your watch, but can’t say for definite as when I had Garmin power pedals they still didn’t have Bluetooth

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No bluetooth though, I am using ANT+ for all sensors

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Yes I only mentioned Bluetooth as that’s how you’d set/calibrate the pedals if you used the Garmin mobile app.

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Ahh thanks, I’ll check the app
I think I am good though, wattage and speed on the RGT seems to be just about right
Before I pushed 250 watts without much effort, seriously flawed :slight_smile:

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