Continuing a training plan with different rider type workouts

I’m currently 2 weeks into All Purpose Road intermediate with all additions. Unfortunately I loaded the plan before doing FF, so the workout selection wasn’t adjusted for my rider type.

What is the best way for me to go about fixing this? Is it worth fixing?

For just the cycling portion, if I wait till the end of my rest week and delete/reload the training plan with the original finish date I should more or less have the same schedule (if I reload now it seems to start with 2 weeks on, not rest).

The Yoga/Strength seem to line up with my current plan, and there’s enough repetition already that it wouldn’t bother me.

The mental toughness is an issue though, as no matter what I change the dates to it always starts from week 1. Anyway to skip to where I am currently?

@Scare Yes - it is worth fixing as you want to have the updated results loaded so that you are training with them. You should be able to delete the plan - which will delete all workouts from today onward that you haven’t done yet. Then add the plan again but use “end date” instead of “start date” with the end date matching the current plan end date. You can also contact the minions if you are having issues.