Bulk shifting training plan workouts part way through

Hi Sufferlandrians,

I’ve been ill for a couple of weeks and was part way through a training plan. I’d like to shift everything from the point I got ill and stopped training 2 weeks later in the calendar to continue where I left off. Is there a way to do this without having to move every workout individually?



Welcome @Rileeder!

The only option I’m aware of at the moment is to delete the current training plan (I think it now only deletes the parts in the future, so you get to keep your history) and add the same training plan with the new target end date.

The new training plan will only put the workouts from the current date forwards, so you don’t clutter up your history with incomplete workouts.


Correct - deleting only takes out future workouts. I have done in twice due to a mechanical and an injury. I didn’t know about the ability to restart using the plan end date - so thanks for that info.

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Thank you @way9e0 and @JSampson, deleting the current training plan and starting a new one set by the end date worked a treat. Let the Suffering begin again.


Spot on, I would only add make sure you start with a recovery week so your body gets a slightly more gradual increase up back into your plan.

Happy Suffering!