Edit training plan?

I know…I tried to search this already…:slight_smile:

I’m about two weeks into a training plan and I’m finding that I’ve got somewhat more time available than when I initially did the plan. I’ve been adding in sessions as I am able, but I feel like it might be better if I could edit the plan to include the extra time.

Is there any way to do this, or do I need to just cancel the existing plan and recreate a new one, or continue to add rides as I’m able?

@njgecko If you are looking for more volume - moving from low to moderate or high - it is probably best to delete and replace the plan. Set the end date for the revised plan to match your prior end date so you stay on the same schedule. You can certainly add in workouts but you will miss out on what the coaches have already programmed and may run the risk of accumulating more fatigue.


Thanks. I’ll go that route!

…just adding in the reminder that all of the work from your prior plan to date will stay in place. You don’t lose anything by dumping D+0 forward and creating a new plan. And if you use completion date for the new plan, it should compensate to pick up where you left off.