Coupon code for loyalty?

I’m going on my third year with Wahoo fitness as my membership dues are coming up next month. Is there any type of loyalty coupon code available?

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15 months for the price of 12?

WAHOO X Annual Membership | Wahoo Fitness

That’s even more money than my last years sub. I’m going to look at some other options if that’s all you can do.

£9.00 per month for everything that SYSTM and RGT offers.

In my honest opinion, it’s a bargain.


Before you jump ship, let us know which other similar training platforms offer loyalty coupons and what they are.


More to the point, regardless of price, if you find an indoor training platform which is genuinely better than SYSTM for both performance gains and engagement/entertainment let us know.

My (not fully exhaustive) digging around found nothing that came remotely close!


I don’t need RGT, didn’t like it when I tried it so why should I have to pay for it? For now I went to the Wahoo Lite plan, it’s free with limitations from what I understand. Although there’s very little information available on the Lite plan. If I’m not satisfied with the Lite I’ll be moving to Trainer Day which is under $4 a month and more of a discount with a yearly. It has training plans and links to other apps. You can even design your own workout.

I’m taking a stab in the dark here, you will not be satisfied. Why prolong the inevitable?

This platform is not giving you what you want, you are looking for things offered by others, why stay?


I asked for a coupon code not an attack!


If you’re looking at Trainer Day, if you haven’t already it’s also worth checking out

They play together nicely and both have free and premium versions. You can use the free version of one with the premium version of other. I found the workout builder on to be better/easier than the workout builder on Trainer Day.

At one time I was using:
(outdoors) → Trainer Day → Training Peaks → Wahoo Roam
(indoors) → Trainer Day App on phone

It was a perfectly good functional solution but obviously no video enterpainment a la SUF

Happy to be corrected by anyone who knows better but I think the lite plan is basically one video from each category. I guess it is intended as a way to let you try the platform in the hope you then upgrade. There is a lite/premium filter in the library but it only appears when you are on the lite plan.

I don’t know what you get from the other sections, but I think it includes:
Half Monty
Full Frontal
Proride: Ride London 1
Sufferfest: The Model

Hey @SketchtyT we’ve got some EXTREMELY loyal folks here (I’ve been around since late 2015, and I know others have been here even longer than that). I think we’re loyal for a few reasons, some of which were mentioned by others.

I’m not too hot on RGT either (but I’m glad it’s an option…it allowed me to officially say goodbye to Zwift. Zwift gave me a two month free trial to try to entice me back and I’ve yet to ride it after a month.).

For me, there is no other app that offers what SYSTM offers, even without RGT. For me, the biggest draw was, is and continues to be The Sufferfest Vids with their silly humour, challenging workouts, engaging storylines and great footage. Add to that the plans, the breadth of engaging workouts with video from the On Location series, to the A Week With series, the sport science, the yoga, mobility, and strength sessions, the mental training modules. My least favourite is some people’s favourite and that’s the Pro Rides. But, at the end of the day, there is soooooo much on SYSTM that no other app out there comes close to.

Honestly, if you find one that you prefer (and I’ve personally tried many of them) then please do come back here and let us know what it is. I think The Company would benefit from the feedback.

As for a coupon for loyalty, those are few and far between. You might get a couple or a few months with the purchase of some trainers, a few years back there was a refer a friend thing that got each of you a free month or something but that hasn’t been around for awhile.

Good luck on your search. You know where I’ll be :slight_smile:



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Yeh. I just about posted the same thing but it was posted earlier and the OP said it’s still more expensive than their sub last year. :man_shrugging:t3:

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