Annual Plan Price Increase - At least for me

Received email today that my Wahoo X Annual Subscription will be going up $21.71 from what I paid last year. Can’t help but feel like I am being charged more, while being offered less. Yes, they did give the Zwift 1 year subscription, but Zwift does not have the equivalent of the (rest-in-peace), Magic Road on RGT. Don’t get me started on my feeling that all of the coaches have left the SYSTM room, and that SYSTM is now just another “independent-ops” cycling platform. Pretty ballsy move on Wahoos’ part…testing the whole, “you can never leave” premise. If the price increase is to help float “bigger and better” things, then Wahoo should be more upfront on what they have planned for 2024. I get that successful businesses need to turn a profit, but it needs to be a win-win for the company AND their customers. If Wahoo is charging more simply because “every other business is doing it, why shouldn’t we”, then I see it as a significant backslide on Wahoos’ part towards its’ subscribers.


Demonstrably false

@Rick Curious what does that term mean and what other platforms would you put in that category?

Note that Coach Mac is still with Wahoo.

Personally I don’t think closing the sports science center was a big deal. It was primarily geared towards professional athletes (per the original press release) and I would rather see the money saved go towards hiring more developers.

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What was your old price and what’s the new one? (and currency)

$139.96 to $161.67 - no discount received last year. U. S. currency.

15.5% increase

The website is still showing $149 US for an annual subscription, so I wonder when the increased price in your email is stated to go into effect? The $149 price for annual subscribers I believe rolled out last year.

Any additional price increase after removing RGT, barely any (any at all?) app improvements, minimal bug fixing, and only a couple new workouts seems fairly beyond the pale (although unfortunately would be completely in line with our current consolidated corporate media streaming landscape and predatory pursuit of profit above all at the expense of user experience).

I don’t think it’s a new price increase. I believe there’s an 8.5% sales tax getting applied, so the prices are actually $129 and $149. The increase to $149 actually happened last year.

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Hmm, interesting, I don’t think I realized/remembered streaming subscriptions were taxed in addition to their advertised price.

I think for all my other media streaming subscriptions, they all include tax in the advertised price, so I wonder why SYSTM would not.

Depends on location, country, presence of Wahoo. Proper taxation is hell.


I’ll agree. Arizona taxes all Internet delivered content. Some companies don’t apply the taxes, some partially, some add every cent they can. In the end, you should and, in some cases, there are heavy fines for not paying.

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Maybe not, Sir, at least for us mere mortals. But, it wasnt just closing the centre, it was losing Sir Neal and Dr. Jinger who were engaged in some incredible work and are no longer with The Company.


I actually think loosing the coaches on this forum is a big loss. I found the “From the coaches” posts quite interesting and having them answer training questions on the forum was helpful as well. Also it gave me the feeling of having a training app backed by coaches who constantly looked at what could be done better in the training programs in matters of intensity and TSS per week. Now I’m afraid we are left with a template, maybe just a computer throwing a training plan at us. Maybe it was the same before but we did see some evolution in training philosophy reflected in the plans and workouts.


I totally agree with your assessment. I will continue with my subscription but I do feel that it’s missing the scientific rigor that came from having the coaches on staff.


There are still coaches on staff


Sirs Neal and Mac are still working with Wahoo. Coach Ginger is still available, but not directly from Wahoo.

That is absolutely not true. Mac is in charge of data science at wahoo but Sir Neal and Dr. Jinger are doing their own things having nothing to do with wahoo.


Yeah, not at all clear where that impression of Sir Neal still being involved with Wahoo/SYSTM comes from. He even posted a recent update on the matter, in addition to all the previous reporting about the closing of his Sports Science Center at Wahoo.


Thanks for the update on Sir Neal as I was under the impression that Wahoo was using him in a consulting capacity. I was also unaware that Dr. Ginger has completely departed.

Sad to read about Sir Neal’s cat passing on. Jobs can be created, but our fur covered friends cannot be replaced (six have moved on in my life and we are on seven and eight).

Most have left though, and The Company is no longer providing Coaching Services. Under Training Services, if you can even find it on the website, all you will see is Wahoo X.

As for coaches, gone are:
Sir Neal, Dr. Jinger, Sir Jeff Hoobler, Sir Rupert Spencer, Dame Susie Snyder, and Simon Bennett.

And all that remain from what I can see here are Sirs @Coach.Mac.C and @Coach.Andy.T.

The Knowledge Podcast hasn’t had a new episode since August 3, 2023, to be fair, they lost their recording studio and Sir Mac did say it’d be a coupla months back in September and we know how time works in Sufferlandria :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, the From the Coaches category in the forum hasn’t seen a new post since July 2023 I think. On top of that, we haven’t heard from anyone about sciencey things or training stuff since that FB post back in September The end of Sufferfest/Wahoo X and sports science (a rant) - #12 by emacdoug