Cracking during Pro Rides

While I’ve generally been enjoying my training with SYSTM, greatly improving my FTP and overall 4DP stats, I continue to really struggle with Pro Rides. I find the frequent changes of effort really hard- much more so than TTs, ramp tests, or even sprint efforts- and while I can hang on for an hour tend to crack on anything longer.

For background while I raced decades ago, for the last few years all I’ve done are commutes and fondos. I’m currently focusing on Triathlon training and am doing fine on all other ride types- any tips or tricks on how to master Pro Rides? Is it as simple as just doing them more often, or only doing them after tapering, not a hard week of training?

@JensH Yes - extra rest or tapering definitely helps.

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I recommend saving them for a treat RIGHT BEFORE you do a FF to get fresh numbers…


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Probably doesn’t help that my HRV recovery was only 39% this morning, or that I’m on track to break 300W FTP before I turn 50 at the end of the year. I did the last hour of Giro d’Italia Donne at a steady 200W to leave something in my legs for my 75 minute brick run afterwards.

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@JensH When I have had a hard time with ProRides it is generally the same situation - too much fatigue. Treat them sort of like a race - perhaps a B or C race - but still follow some prep/taper leading up to them and be sure your nutrition and hydration is dialed in.

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I did a couple of Pro Rides and sort of cracked too but mentally, like maybe half way through but just hung on for dear life thereafter also due to the rapid changes in efforts throughout the ride. In fact, I ended up doing at a constant effort rather than going with the changes.

But it’s good to know that the way to go into these Pro Rides is first taper the training and then only go for those Pro Rides. Thanks for the tips Sir Jon!
I have thus far tried to avoid any Pro Rides in my plan :sweat_smile:

I joke about ProRides - because they’re hard - but for those who haven’t (or aren’t) doing them, just know they are awesome! And a real change of pace from other offerings.