Crazy idea of a Knighthood attempt (TBC)

As the title says really. If I did “bite the bullet” I would like to raise some money for a charity but as most Couchlandrians would have no idea what the Knighthood is or the suffering involved I would like to link a short video clip (Knight hood specific) showing plenty of chamois shredding and rivers of lactic acid. Does such a vid exist? Obviously I don’t want to fall foul of any copy right infringements.

Thanks in advance



Hit up youtube for Sufferfest knighthood, there’s a few videos out there that’ll give you a decent idea.


@Sully Here is an old video.

Laura’s Sufferfest Attempt

@Pierre also put together several videos last year during his quest.


Thanks, had a look and some good ones I could use.

Laura’s video has to be the best. Short enough for non cyclists but gets over the effort involved. Thanks.

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