Customised Training Plans

I found this link in another thread. It works. I have just purchased first custom plan using it. Not sure why they have removed the links from the main SYSTM shop page.


@WillD @Jan_Schorpion @Coach.Rupert.H

The team has been holding back on promoting the full custom plans since you also need Training Peaks for them to load the plan into and there was a lot of push back from new users over having to use two platforms. They have been allowing those of us who have purchased custom plans in the past to continue. I was told they are working on getting this all in The SYSTM app but not an easy task. @Coach.Rupert.H might be able to elaborate/ update.

There is nothing really wrong with the stock plans, but it was nice having them tailored to my needs. In any case, access to a live coach is worth the cost, regardless.



That’s exactly right @Rick66.
As we currently deliver the plans on TP and not in SYSTM itself we are not happy with the user experience so do not offer these on the website until a time where we have the infrastructure to deliver a better service to users within the app, the engineering is proving more complicated than anticipated.


Any movement on custom plans not on TR / TP since 2022?
Would there be a notable advantage over calling a coach at the start of a season/mid-season? Thanks.

@DavidHowell575 Great question! A call with a coach is always really beneficial no matter what time of the season you are in. It will provide you with an experienced outside perspective to your training and goals. They will answer questions you may have and share knowledge on how to plan and structure your workouts specific to you, so are maximizing your training time!

Happy Training!