SUFCoaching - What's it all about?

Here at SUFCoaching, we look to help our athletes make those personal touches to their customised plans. Sometimes the plans on the app are not quite suited to your lifestyle and routine or not quite targeting the event you are looking for. If you do want to take your training to the next level, we would love to help you out!

SUF Coaching provides coaching guidance to athletes and active people of all levels and abilities. Sometimes, our 12 week plans are not enough so since april 2019, we have been offering customised plans to provide that extra bit of support when you need that personal touch! Our goal on the plans is to:

“Establish a long-term relationship with our athletes by providing a personable, educational and consistent experience allowing them to understand our coaching philosophy and service enabling them to trust their plan time and time again.”

We currently offer 2 different levels of plan, basic or advanced, for both Cycling and Multisport. The main difference is that on a basic plan you only talk to your coach once before your plan is put together and on an advanced plan you get a follow-up call (we recommend having this in week 6) to check-in on how your plan is going and make any necessary adjustments to the remainder of your plan.

If you are working towards a long term goal, we recommend the advanced option so you have more regular interactions with your coach. It also helps when coming to renewal as you also complete a bi-weekly form with your training notes so your coach will have up to date information.

87% of our athletes have been satisfied with their plans and would come back for another one. We didn’t want you to be left behind on the fun so if you would like to go with a customised plan, here is what you can expect:

  1. Visit our webpage to select your plan.
  2. Look out for a confirmation email from This contains a link to your initial questionnaire so the coaching team can find out more about you and your goals.
  3. Once you have submitted your form, our coaching coordinator will allocate you a coach and send you a link to book your call directly with them.
  4. Have your 30 minute interview call with your coach to discuss your goal and agree on a plan and start date.
  5. Your coach will then go and write up your plan on the TrainingPeaks platform and have it set to go on your agreed start date.
  6. Start your plan and achieve your goal!

Maybe this is asking too much, but shouldn’t the ‘basic level’ functionality be somewhat baked into the training plans? I.e. during a training plan block off certain weeks for vacation etc.

Edit: Just talked to a friend about this and he said that TR has this feature. Huh. That’s what I get for thinking I was being original haha.

So I’m a triathlete, and if I raced a course previously (and have garmin data) and intend to race the same course again when it’s safe.
Idea #1

Is it possible to send the minions the garmin file with the topography of the actual course and have the coaches design workouts that apply to crushing that specific course? (btw, I did go all in with the Kicker Climb.)

Seems like popular Ironman courses could be great targets too, and if you add video footage those specific courses that would be badass…

My guess is you guys have already thought of all of this…



Re idea #2: probably, but as there already are parties offering just that, I’m not sure it’s on the top of the list…

Thanks for the interest and some great questions coming out!
Right now we base your customised off our current library (and a few others) and then make the adjustments and tailor the plan to maximise you’re training each session as you work towards your goal.


I’ve got a question about the advanced multi-sport option. If all I want is a cycling-powerlifting mix, can you design a proper schedule including the weightlifting exercises?

I already talked to Coach Spencer a bit in this thread and would really like to expand on this idea.

Sure, so right now in our offering we design the cycling plan and could incorporate the times/days for you to do the powerlifting but would not prescribe each workout.
We can give you guidelines as @Coach.Spencer.R has already done but the strength routines we can incorporate into the workout either comes from our strength training videos or us allocating the times for you to do your own strength routine.


Before I buy a plan I wanted to check that multi sport makes the most sense even if I will not have access to a pool. I think that this is the case. At the moment with a shoulder injury that is not an issue anyways as I cannot swim but want to have a plan to have focused training.

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Great to hear you are interested in a multi plan @sir_jmac and sorry to hear about the shoulder!
Your coach will go over your availability for each discipline with you on the interview call and then put together your plan. If you don’t have access to a pool this will be replaced with some strength routines which will help your fitness.