Custom training plans

Does SUF offer an option to discuss your goals with a coach and decide if a custom training plan is right for you?

I’ve been using the app for a year and progressing. I want to see if it is possible to keep pushing my fitness with more intensity but with less hours.

I like to do a few long events a year but with a young family, it is tough to get out for 4-6 hour rides regularly.

It has been a year I’m doing a 6- hour MTB event, a 100-mile charity ride, and a 100 km gravel ride.

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Here’s some info to help you decide. I haven’t used one but have only heard good things.

Edit: or more specifically to your question:

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Thank you. I’ve had a coach in the pas, outside of the SUF app.

I’d really prefer to talk to the coach and make sure the custom route is a good for my goals. The plans are not a huge financial output won’t may just dive in.

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