Customizable reports

My Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and the iphone app collect lots of interesting data. However, everyone has their own favortie custom views or summaries of the data.

For example, I’d love to have a summary of my miles (and maybe calories burned) by month. Then I might like to see how Jan this year compares with Jan last year for the data. Q: Is there an app that can give me such reports? It’s a shame to have such a wealth of data and no way to see customized summaries that fit my specs.

It might be overkill and/or not quite what you’re looking for, but one thing lets you compare are various time periods for various parameters, such as cumulative totals, weekly/monthly totals, rolling averages, and many more.

You can sync with your Wahoo data, and there is a lot more functionality than just comparing various time periods too.

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HealthFit on the iPhone will do what you want (and more!) it’s extremely well featured.

@tomdaoust Have you looked at the Wahoo App? The history page includes a summary with that data and filters allowing you to sort by activity and time period.