Cycling Plans and non-cycling workouts

I am setting up a training plan with the goal to be able to complete a metric century by a certain date. Looking at the calendar, I know there are several dates when I will have no access to a bike, or times when I will simply find the stationary bike unappealing (and outdoor riding is not possible). Does anyone have a recommended method for estimating appropriate substitute workouts? Running and walking are always viable options for me (you can do those anywhere), and I prefer a rowing machine when I’m weary of the bike (and stuck inside).

Apologies if this is a duplicate topic - I searched but could not find an exact match.

I’m sorely out of shape, but familiar enough with training metrics.


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I would think adding the event prep plan for the metric century first and then if you feel like altering activities, you can definitely add them to the calendar from the library and mark that particular cycling activity as done or move it to another date.

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