Cyclocross season in a few months- ramp up vs Event Prep?

In early 2022 I had a big XC race, so I did the Event Prep XC plan and it worked great. After a full spring I’m taking a break for a few weeks, just fun rides. Now I’m looking at beginning training for cyclocross in mid July, but am having trouble selecting an appropriate plan.
The Season transitions ramp up, isn’t really specific enough, but I’m not sure that selecting the Cyclocross plan with an Event target just set to beginning of the season is the way to go either.
Anyone have thoughts?

Hey there @gbyrne, Wonderful to hear you had great success using the Event Prep XC plan early in 2022. It’s very refreshing to hear that you’re taking some time for fun rides before you get serious and begin your cyclocross season. I suggest you begin with the Season Transitions- Ramp It Up (6 weeks) and add in 20-30 minute runs @ Z2 intensity 2-3 times per week before you dial in your training.

Thank you and Happy Training!