Cyclocross - what are the best training sessions?

What training sessions do people use to get prepared for the cyclocross season?

Gravel Grinder.


For SYSTM workouts, I’d focus on anything that has short efforts and short recoveries. Many cross races play out like this - so workouts like Revolver, Violator, The Shovel, Half Is Easy etc. If you filter on AC workouts, that should give you a good list.

Apart from that, I’d suggest spending time on your cross bike practicing skills. Dismounts, remounts, carries, barriers, cornering, starts, sand, mud, stairs - whatever you’re going to get in the races you plan to do.

I recommend checking out the cyclocross plan under off-road to get a good idea of workouts if building your own.


Thanks for your advice.
I would normally start my cx specific trng outside in august (after summer endurance base) but I’ve broken bones in my hand (mtb race) so can’t ride outside for a month!!


If you choose the plan, replace the outdoor rides with an RGT ride that is close to the planned workout. Maybe a brisk walk for the runs depending on what your doctor has cleared you for.



One other thing to remember: the cross-effort specific HIIT like anaerobic capacity and repeated sprint training is fun and all, but it’s icing on the cake and far more time should be spent baking your cake than icing it. See here for an interesting discussion: You're Training Too Hard for Criteriums—Here's Why | TrainingPeaks

In other words, whether it’s cross, crits, road races or MTB, your first priority is build the engine and not specificity, in which case you should select whatever intensity distribution best builds your aerobic engine given the time you have available to train (THEN comes the specificity).


Thanx for the advice - so keep up endurance/base stuff .
That’s the bit I hate on the turbo - but gotta be done.

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ahh that’s right, i forgot you’re limited to the turbo.

well, hang in there! This can also include threshold, tempo, SST etc. intervals, not just 4 hours of zone 2 . . .

When does your cyclocross season start? That will help determine where to place your focus now. My first race is in just over two weeks, so I’m a couple of weeks into some cross-specific efforts.

Did a 60 zone 2 today.

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